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What Is a Geek and Why is It So Special?

How do you define a geek? The term has many definitions, most of which are based on the actions or interests of the individual. Some people consider a geek to be a person who is not interested in sports, science, computers, as well as those who are not in an organization.

Geeks are often socially awkward and therefore are unlikely to develop their interests while they are in school. They are usually outcasts because they are not in groups like the popular kids in school.

Another important element is that the term is used to characterize someone who is outgoing, witty, intelligent, and creative. While there are many people who fall into the geeks' category, many others would consider themselves to be non-geeks, and that is okay.

You might be surprised to learn that there are some people who consider themselves to be geeks, but who may not be part of the category. Some of these people might consider themselves to be more of a “nerd”, a more accurate description of the person than the “geek” title.

When you use the term “geek” to describe someone you know, you are more likely to assume that the person does have geekiness. You might say that you are curious about the person, and as a result, you will spend a lot of time discussing the person and asking questions.

To be sure, the term “geek” has a negative connotation. There are people who would consider themselves to be geeks, and some of these people have never even read any comic books or watched any TV shows, movies, or other entertainment media.

Some people in the entertainment industry refer to themselves as “geeks”, but this is not actually the term that the entertainment industry uses. However, when you ask someone if they were a geek, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the term “nerd”.

To be fair, a geek is a person who enjoys something, whether it is one of the hobbies listed above or something that they do in the course of their job. While many people would consider themselves to be geeks, many of these people are highly intelligent and enjoy a wide variety of activities.

A geek has a creative mind and is often an art major. A few of the popular activities that a geek engages in include, but are not limited to:

Business – Information technology, such as Web Design, Web Development, IT Project Management, IT Contracts, Visualization, Graphic Design, Video, or multimedia Production, Modeling Software, Visual Effects, Web Hosting, Computational Photography, Image Modeling, and Computer Programming – Computer Science, Mathematics, Commerce, Statistics, and Data Processing. Engineering – Computer Hardware Design, Systems Analysis, Multimedia Programming, Manufacturing, or Computer Design Engineering – Research, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Development

In short, a geek is a person who is socially introverted and has strong interests in a specific area of interest. These types of people generally do not fit into the traditional geek category but more correctly fall into the category.

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