Star Wars Chewbacca Han Solo Reversible Hoodie Price: $99.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:51 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details

Reversible design inspired by Han Solo’s Hoth parka.


If you’ve been looking at this new collection from Parlour New York and you like Star Wars characters then you might want to check out this Han Solo reversible hoodie.

This is an interesting version of the reversible hoodie with the Reel Good looking like Luke Skywalker and the Hooded Evil one like the notorious Darth Vader. It has a picture of the Reel Good with a good hooded eye patch and the hooded Evil, in the hand of Evil, with a hooded biker and off running with a pistol like the Bane character.

This reversible hoodie was created to be cuddly, cozy and comfortable. The hood is nice and the gray polyester is warm to the touch. The soft material is made of polyester/cotton blend, polyester/jersey, polyester/nylon, or polyester/spandex. If you want the best hoodie for the winter season then this one is a great choice for your style.

The hood is soft and keeps your face warm during cold days or even if it’s warm outside. The hood and zipper are custom made to your choice with raised ribbing that keeps the hood from cutting your face. The size of the hood is specifically taken to accommodate you size hood. The hood can be removed to reveal the hooded eye patch and this can be found along the front left of the hood.

The liner on the reversible hoodie is removable to allow for keeping the hood on as the liner absorbs the sweat. This reversible hoodie is perfect for men that like to wear T-shirts and are always cold. This reversible hoodie is a good all season hoodie and if you plan on wearing it with your hoodies it will be a great hoodie to keep you warm and protect your skin. The hood and hooded biker looks great under a Jean jacket and the biker can be worn over a leather jacket for a classic look. You can find this reversible hoodie online in men’s sizes and can even find this hoodie in women’s sizes.

The front zipper is fun, the front patch is fun, the sleeves are cool, the hood is cool, the hooded biker is cool, the hood is super cool, the hood is cuddly, the hood is comfortable and warm and the hood is reversible to let you choose any hood that you want. No matter what you are wearing or whatever you are planning on wearing, this reversible hoodie will match. Most, if not all, men’s sizes are available. This reversible hoodie is definitely going to be a hit at any man’s office or home. What a great gift for the movie buff in your life.

If you don’t see the reversible hoodie you are looking for then make sure to go online and check out all the great men’s reversible hoodies. In the end, it’s just a hoodie that looks cool and is great to wear, cuddly and comfortable.