Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers - Gift Ideas for Wine Drinkers

You are considering to give wine as a gift for a special person who is wine enthusiast? Then this is the right place where you can browse thru best gifts for wine lovers! Many of the most popular choices are still available, including wine coolers, corking tools, and wine corkscrews. However, if you want something different, it is always worth looking at other types of wine gifts for various occasions. Here are some of the most popular ideas for giving a wine gift for every occasion.

Which are the Best Gifts for Wine Lovers?

Wine is a divine drink – you certainly will hear this from wine lovers, as well as from those who don’ t drink as much wine. Thinking about what to gift a wine lover, you would like to stand out from the crowd. That is why sometimes the choice can be difficult. Or, you just want to have your gift remembered as extraordinary.

When you go down to the list below, you will find out that there are the main things for wine lovers you could guess in time. Even if they look like nothing special at first sight, if they get personalized, they will be unique.

Gifts for a wine lover – when you mean the drink and accessories

As wine gifts are mostly connected to the drink itself, here are the options:

  • Personalized wine glass – you can do such an awesome gift – a glass with the initials of the recipient of the gift, his or her company or a quote that he/she loves. It could be also аn impressive wine glass engraved with a picture of something that will impress him or her. This surely will last forever!
  • Wine set – the set of stand for the bottle and glasses can be cooling or not – if so, the set should be from stainless steel. They can be handicrafts or symbols of some area, famous wine producing family… There are so many options, as long as you have imagination!
  • Wine decanter – this is really elegant and nice gift.
  • Original corkscrew – especially when it is vintage, that will add a value to the gift, regardless its size.
  • Wine preservation system – this system carefully pierces the cork of any wine bottle. It is a gift of good care which works like this: it allows wine lovers to pour wine out through the handy spout; then, to inject argon into the empty space in the bottle to take the place of air – and the wine left behind does not oxidize staying fresh until the next opening.
  • Value book or almanac regarding wines – of course, that kind of a gift is precious for somebody who is an intellectual or loves books. He or she will definitely appreciate it.
  • Wine Aroma Master kit – every wine lover would like to taste more and more aromas. One can try his/her nose and tongue, can find something new and exciting as wine… As a gifting person, the best you can do is to prepare as much as possible different aromas in one box.

Wine lover gifts – when you mean everything that goes well with wine

  • A book on food suitable for wine – as full of recipes is, as better.
  • Set of chocolate bars – as specialists know, chocolate is suitable for many types of wine, so such a gift would make every wine lover happy, especially if he or she is fond of chocolate.
  • Wine & Cheese tote – for picnic lovers, this is priceless. To put the wine and everything that goes with it in one bag, to be able to carry it everywhere, what could be better than that!

As you might guess, this is by no means a complete list of gifts for wine lovers. You can always come up with something different or modify something trivial to give a truly memorable gift that will be remembered.