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Friends TV Show: Facts About the Show

You might have not watched Friends all through the years but there is a chance that you have heard of it. It was one of the biggest television shows to hit the television industry in the last ten years. There were lots of series that did so well on television that they could be as big as Friends, but this is not a probability. You may not have watched Friends throughout the years but you have surely heard about it.

This is because it was one of the few sitcoms that were able to capture the hearts of the viewers and have them going “or”ahh” over the characters' activities in one's life. These are the type of shows that will definitely keep you glued to your television set. And if you were to ask me, I bet that I am one of those who has not only watched Friends but have watched it continuously for quite some time now.

This is because the show of Friends is still amazing. The writers of this show make sure that each episode would not only entertain you but would also add to the overall plot of the whole show. Unlike the other series which left you more confused than when you started, you would know the whole story by the end of every episode. It makes the entire show worth watching.

The reason why this TV show was able to captivate the viewers so much is because of the fact that these characters are all so different from each other. There is always one that could be considered as the hot favorite among the rest of the cast. And that was the case for Monica Geller, who was the focus of the first four seasons.

As the show progressed, the love triangle between Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani, and Ross Geller became more apparent to the people's attention. In the fifth season, Joey was given the part of Rachel, the woman he still loved passionately. At the same time, Ross was left as the main character who was unable to commit to any person because of his relationship with Rachel.

The show's cast of characters were quite outstanding. It gave viewers a great opportunity to try their hands at living one's life. And it also gave them an opportunity to learn about human behavior, not only through interactions but through various types of comedy.

Since the show began, there have been several remakes of Friends. This shows how popular the original series is. The show is in fact so popular that there have been several episodes remade by the network. This was most likely done in order to compete with the original one.

There were several episodes that were aired before its original premiere but it is not aired again because of its reruns. And since its reruns, many viewers have watched the remake episodes and are still enjoying them. Now, you can watch episodes of Friends anywhere as the network has scheduled it to be re-aired once in a week.

In the years since the start of the series, there have been an unprecedented number of series that was spawned out of Friends. Of course, there are a lot of comedies on television. But, compared to all the shows that were created because of this one, Friends stand out because of its uniqueness. There are so many stories, jokes, characters, and plotlines that are what the original series was all about.

Friends is definitely one of the best sitcoms to have ever aired on television. It not only provides its viewers with entertainment but at the same time also gives them a chance to learn about other aspects of life such as relationships and friendships. Through all these, it is clear that the creators of the show did an excellent job in creating something that we can call “Family”.

Another thing that you must know about this show is that it is very popular both in Asia and in Europe. In fact, even outside the United States, this show is highly popular. Not only is it very popular among viewers but it is also a very loved show in Asia. And that is because of its interesting story lines and characters that everyone loves to watch over again.

There is no doubt that Friends was one of the most watched television shows of all time. and with all of the incredible television shows that are being produced now, it is evident that the show still holds a place in the hearts of people everywhere.