White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For

You could very well become a participant in the “White Elephant Gift Exchange” if you take the time to learn how to get started. It is no secret that there are people out there that make a living promoting this particular idea for the business. Before you make any final decisions about whether or not you will participate in a particular event, you should always first learn as much as you can about the people who are creating the product. Most of the time, you will be better off taking your time and actually talking to them about your ideas and about the reasons why they want to see the product, to begin with.

White Elephant Gifts Under $50 – A Guide to Helping Yourself

White Elephant gifts are tricky if you want to avoid getting the wrong gift. They can often be defined as gifts that are overpriced and over-expectable. Think about it, if you get a white elephant you can't refuse it and no one else is allowed to either, what's to stop you then buying the wrong gift.

So, in this article I'm going to run through a list of some white elephant gifts ideas that I'm sure you'll find interesting. Remember, the gift should still be special but doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

Gifts with a cost that's more than the cost of the item itself: The name of the gift doesn't really matter when you're trying to make a statement but do think about the message you want to send. So, if you're giving something like an oven, but it costs two thousand dollars, it doesn't say much.

This would be an excellent gift to give if you'd been to the stores and tried on expensive jewelry, but it still looked a little out of your price range. Give the woman a gift card to her favorite store and have her take home a piece of jewelry that's within her budget.

A painting of your children or some other picture, which would be a nice gift to show you had their love and attention. Imagine how the other half will feel when they see that you took the time to paint your kids. As long as the paint is reasonably good, and you think they'll enjoy it, then the canvas is a fine idea for a gift, provided the artist is a happy camper.

This one might seem like it's right up your street but if your friend's dog is sick and needs someone to help look after him, or if you know someone who has an elderly parent, this might be the perfect gift for them. It will mean so much to them and they'll love you for thinking of them. If you've got the room and the money for a gift of this sort you can even create a scrapbook, complete with recipes and photos, with just a small bit of help from them, as long as they have a camera.

This is a great way to show someone that you care, but don't overdo it. A practical but small gift like a keepsake box of photos, a calendar or a t-shirt is always a great gesture and will mean more to the recipient than anything else you could give them.

These gifts can be quite expensive, so be careful what you buy them with. You don't want them to be an item that's too expensive for the recipient because they could end up as junk. But if they're not expensive at all, but show that you put thought into the gift, then you could be heading in the right direction.

I've found a unique gift in a gift basket, which is a great way to try something different. A person will most likely be thrilled with the basket as long as it doesn't overstretch their budget.

You could also take a punt and get your own memento box for the recipient, filled with good ones. This could include items that are completely personal or they could be related to the recipient, it could be an interesting and slightly unusual gift idea.

These are a few of the many white elephant gifts ideas out there. Now you know what not to get, it's just a case of finding something that you can get, as you're probably well aware of the difficulties.

🐘 What are white elephant gifts?

A white elephant gift exchange (aka Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa) is a holiday party where friends, co-workers or families exchange amusing, impractical gifts. The emphasis here is to 'steal' gifts rather than swap them.

⚡ Where to buy white elephant gifts?

If you're looking to find the perfect white elephant or Yankee swap gift, many sites offer some ideas on what to buy for the white elephant party. The best thing to do is simply do a simple search on Google for 'white elephant gifts' and you will find online shops that focus on this specific area.

😀 Looking for gift exchange ideas for White Elephant, Secret Santa or an office holiday party?

We rounded up 70 cool white elephant gifts everyone will fight for. You will be surprised at how many options you have, but just remember that the type of gift you choose should reflect the personality of the person giving it to you.