Workaholics Bear Coat Price: $195.00 (as of 02:15 EST- More info)

Get in a position to get weird with this amazing bear jacket from Workaholics, a loyal,”Fur Sure” replica of Blake’s from season one’s episode,”We Be Ballin.'” As bad ass as Blake’s, and to get a comprehensive lot cheap than Karl sold it you can have plenty left for ipecac. 1 size fits most adults; comprised of 100% polyester with secure rubber claws and teeth. Modeled here by a very handsome man.


You can now purchase the official Workaholics Bear Coat for everyone to enjoy from a number of workaholic fanatics. This golden-brown staple has a little pattern of workaholic cats and bears so that everyone can even have some unique and fun designs for their fanciest creations. The polar bears and a lot of other things that they are going to have on it are on the coat, but it can be personalized or matched to what someone wants. The things that are on it, like buttons and ribbons that are connected to each other and put there are tied together so that everyone can have a unique pattern that the bear would have and can decorate their homes with. The Bear Coat is a unique gift that is going to be great to send out and anyone who receives it, they are going to want to hang on to it forever.

The Bear Coat was worn by the characters from the show Workaholics, the characters are normally seen to be laid back with an attitude of getting something to wear and having the chance to be in the bigger events. The biker outfits that are usually seen in the show is the perfect concept that can turn a fan into a workaholic by looking at it and seeing the creation. It is going to be a one of a kind treasure that will be prized by those who want to look at it or use it. The great thing about the Bear Coat is that it is made of gold with certain patterns and with the details on it for whoever is wearing it. So even if someone has no intention of working out, the company that will be buying it will love it, because it is a product that people are wearing every day.

There are a lot of other items that are great with the Bear Coat, like the bowtie that is used by the character Martin, his green shirt, and the bowtie that is worn by Wade. The bowtie is used by Martin to tie his jacket as he walks by a lot. It is going to be a one of a kind item that is going to make someone who receives it a workaholic as well. The chances of someone just getting a bottle for their head, the lines of a person who just got their work done and the charm is not going to be there in a long period of time, so the bottle is just the perfect gift for a workaholic. So, whether you are a fan or not, the Bear Coat will make an unexpected and wonderful gift for a fan that appreciates the show and works hard at his business every day.