How To Use Cool Gadgets in CNA Training

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During the Cold War, espionage was almost always conducted covertly and to some degree, that included the use of gadgets. In fact, the military uses a variety of devices to conduct covert operations such as booby traps, electromagnetic devices, voice encoding, computer encryption, cameras, thermal imaging, spy cameras, concealed cameras, microphones, wireless communications, and booby-trap devices. Some of these are modern technological cool gadgets while others are limited to a modern version of their capabilities.

The first major example is the booby trap. It can be any device that serves a basic function such as a bomb that explodes when a sensor or trigger is touched. The booby trap has been used by the United States Military, British Military, and many other countries for a long time. The reason for this is that the military is a very careful observer.

For example, in World War II, Germany had an army that used cameras hidden in their shoes and other things to record its spies. These devices were so sophisticated that they were placed right next to the cameras and during the war, they were instrumental in helping the Allies capture German soldiers and Axis spies.

In the 1980s, the United States had several new spy gadgets. One of these devices was the portable digital photo disc drive.

The camera inside this device recorded what was being said and this was made possible because the device worked like a USB drive. It looked like a large CD or DVD disc but it actually functioned much like a USB drive. With a thumb drive, it could actually store files and data without being noticed by the enemy spy.

There are many versions of this device and in fact, one of the latest versions looks and functions like an ordinary USB device. However, it can also be carried around on a lanyard which means that there would be no risk of being seen carrying this device. This device acts much like a traditional USB device but with better stealth capabilities.

So, not only does the digital video disc drive enable the spy to record what the enemy is saying but the disc drive can also be used to record that it has been captured. This is a remarkable capability that can be used to great effect by the U.S. Military and others.

The digital video disc drive also acts as a radio-controlled remote control. This device is set up with radio waves that can detect the location of the device in question.

However, it can also be used as a device that can launch a missile. The device can also be used to detonate a chemical device without anyone being caught. The device can also be used as a device that can transmit messages.

Another example of covert operations is thermal imaging. This device was originally designed by the United States Army to help in developing the identification of human remains.

Because the infrared thermography is an electronic device, it is relatively simple to hide it and to project it in any location without someone noticing. A simple case or cloth and thermal imaging glasses could conceal the device and it can be easily moved from place to place without anyone even knowing about it.

So, while we have the ability to design more sophisticated spy devices today, we still rely on our predecessors in the Cold War era for more primitive devices. These are the types of devices that are used by the military today.