What Are Cornflakes And How Were Cornflakes Originally Invented?

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If you are interested in learning about the history of the Cornflake you will be delighted to know that this is a very interesting topic. It was first invented in 1867. While these things are still sold today, they were mainly used as a medium for preparing pancakes.

Why was Cornflakes originally invented? They have always been the subject of great curiosity and interest to people because they were the first breakfast food to be really popular. It is even said that it is the basis for modern corn flakes.

Who could have imagined that something so simple and practical would become popular in the last few decades? How did it all start?

We might ask ourselves this question, how do we think that the Cornflakes became popular. Well, it all started during the depression period of the 1930s when there were high unemployment and hunger became a problem. People used corn flakes as a substitute for breakfast.

During this time people were increasing the amount of cereal they were eating, which could be very tough especially with the way the cereals were prepared. Because of the shortage of cereal, the manufacturer of corn flakes offered them at lower prices. They wanted to meet this demand.

During the depression period when people lost their jobs, it is not surprising that the demand for corn flakes dropped so they decided to create an answer to people’s hunger. Who better to invent this product than the company who had made cereal so popular in the first place?

The Corn Flakes was first introduced in Canada and the United States and it soon spread worldwide. The process to mass-produce the Corn Flakes took only a few years to complete and it was a big achievement for the company.

Once the company realized that their product had reached such high popularity, they began to introduce other foods that also became quite popular. Cornflakes became a popular snack food, especially for school children.

How was Cornflakes originally invented? The process of how the Corn Flakes was originally invented is not that complicated but we can explain the basics in a few words. To summarize, you mix together cereal flakes and milk or yogurt and cook them with butter.

The whole thing takes a little bit of time but if you make it once a week, you will hardly notice the difference between corn flakes and regular cereal. You can also customize the recipes that you use, you can put a chocolate coating on them, add a bit of fruit or even add nuts to them.

Today, corn flakes are sold as meal replacement products, weight loss products, and even as a treat. You can get them in different flavors and colors to suit your taste buds.

Think of the possibilities. When you will get tired of the usual breakfast you will easily find a way to eat it instead of just frying it in the microwave and eating the same thing over again.