Star Wars Movie Wedding – Star Wars Theme

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Amongst the many Star Wars fans that have made their mark on film history, some are more famous than others. Some people name George Lucas or Harrison Ford as the biggest influence in their lives. Others consider some of the original actors (such as David Prowse) or most notable roles in the series (such as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader) to be the ones that shaped them the most.

The allure of a classic movie is something that can be enjoyed by each and every person’s imagination. In many ways, we find ourselves imitating the characters, locations, and even the mannerisms of the characters that made us fall in love with these films in the first place.

You could easily add to this list the myriad of ways in which the films, such as Star Wars, has had a major impact on our entertainment landscape. Movies like Ghost, E.T., Return of the Jedi, and Wrath of Khan were highly influential and held audiences over the head for years. You could say that these films are the pillars of the modern genre.

And then there are movies that were much more modestly released in between such as the eight-minute red band trailer from 2020 or even the eight-minute teaser for the first episode of the show Heroes. But then, it doesn’t matter. These films didn’t have the power of the first Star Wars movies, but they were the next step in evolution, and that is what counts.

These movies may not have carried the same weight, but they would be considered seminal. Star Wars movies have revolutionized our way of viewing movie theatres and our way of watching entertainment. Now, you may find yourself going to the movies more than you would have thought possible just so you can watch one of these films.

However, the successful way of watching Star Wars movies must never fail to make room for new talents who come up with interesting angles that will challenge us as entertainment consumers. One of these new talents is Travis Knight, who came up with the idea of creating a Star Wars-themed wedding to be held in Washington DC. The wedding reception was planned out before the actual event, and the main events were filmed while the preparations were being made.

At the center of this was the production crew from Star Wars. They showed up in force and worked around the clock to get the reception going. Their participation was highlighted in the second episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they were called upon to do a special, low-key, sneak peek for the reception.

This time they were going to be there in full force, but they made sure to try and add some Star Wars fans to the mix by sending Dan & Dan Petrov to be the band for the event. While Dan & Dan Petrov is not a popular act and is not well known, Travis Knight did not let it put him off. Knight managed to book a couple of talented musicians to perform at the reception.

They came dressed as Stormtroopers and Princess Leia, and all of their costumes matched exactly the rest of their outfits. Their costumes were not exactly created for dancing though, as their performances didn’t hold the attention span of a Hollywood blockbuster. What was fascinating about these performances was that they were actually pretty good, as they seemed to match their costumes and even improvised a few Star Wars themes into their songs.

The stormtrooper costume looked particularly good and was especially suited for the Star Wars theme. I can’t think of many other costumes that would look better if it was worn by characters in a modern film, but perhaps it was because these costumes were all worn by a single actor during the original trilogy.

The Princess Leia costume is interesting. For example, the jeweled tiara which was being worn looks like it belongs more to a princess costume than to a Stormtrooper costume. This jeweled tiara which is on display in the wedding photos is not only striking but somewhat dainty for a Stormtrooper, even with the leather belt holding it up.

Of course, the wedding itself is not going to be without a huge fan following either. After all, it is a wedding, and the wedding photos will be posted on the internet to be seen by millions of people.