Unicorn Neon Light

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GIFTABLE: This is the perfect gift item for family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, girls, teenagers, kids and will make a unique house warming gift or birthday present ● **Product comes packaged in box ready to gift!**

Show off your uniqueness with this neon LED unicorn wall sign. Designed with white & pink lights with 3 stars on the body, this Unicorn is perfect to add flair to any room in your home. It’s impactful. It’s art. It’s Instagram worthy. And, above all, it’s LOVE. Buy it for yourself, or as one of a kind gift. Plug in and enjoy!!


DESIGN: This pink and white Unicorn LED signal is 3D art that brightens and transforms the space around it. Use it in order to enliven a living space, retrofit a kitchen, or create a fashionable pub or iconic game room. Create a fun and lively ambiance to a little apartment or some other room, wall, or shelf by employing this bold indication that POPS. The adorable and modern layout is also a great addition to your children bedroom that they’ll love
APPLICATION: Perfect for home decor, wall art, shopfront design & party decorations. Add something special to the air for events like birthday, Christmas, parties, performances, or any celebration. Just taking a look at the hint’s bright lights may inspire and enhance your mood. **Could be combined with the other signs to include impact **
SIZE: 13 inches wide x 13 inches top ● Clear LED tubing mounted to clear plastic background ● Two pre-drilled holes for easy hanging (screws not contained ) ● **Larger than equal neon signs**

The Neon LED Unicorn Wall Sign is an attractive addition to any home, particularly in the tropical climates of Florida and California. These cute creatures can be used for different purposes. One of them is as a decorative piece in any living room. They are just perfect for decorating the hall and even the hallway leading to the bathroom. They are large enough to see when the lights are turned on and are quite heavy.

Neon sign manufacturers use the technology of cathode-ray-tube lights that are highly efficient and clean. If you were to put them next to each other, the lighting would be greatly improved. The cost of the lighting is also greatly reduced since it is made up of a thin coating of fluorescent or LED in the base layer. The coating contains toxic mercury. This means that all the pixels are not equally lit. The parts that are being illuminated at an angle with the help of a phosphor reflectors and an anode emit light from a different angle than the areas where the pixels are illuminated. The light emitted by the right part of the phosphor reflector is reflected and the amount of light in that area that makes the display glow is increased.

Neon wall signs are a good way to identify the entrance of your home. They are a unique novelty that will make your home seem fresh and clean. They are used to show whether your home is used for office or for a living. The Neon Wall Neon Unicorn sign makes a great decoration for your living room. It also makes a great centerpiece to your kitchen or dining room. You can choose between the Neon Unicorn LED Wall sign and the other wall decals that are available at the stores. Just make sure that the type of LED which is put in the inside of the neon sign is compatible with the type of light that you will have.