The Legend of Zelda – Triforce Ring Price: $15.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:58 PST- Details)

PRODUCT DETAILS: high-quality Tungsten Carbide,matte-finished, IP gold/rose gold/blue/black plated. size 7-12
Perfect for any gift-giving occasion, great gift for Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day and Birthday or just as a surprise to remind that special one how much you care!


The Triforce is a well-known and well-loved collectible. It is a line of rings and bracelets that has the Triforce symbol engraved on it. The collection consists of three different styles of triforce rings, which come in blue, red, and yellow versions. Each of the three triforce rings is beautifully handcrafted, with an intricate design.

There are two styles of triforce rings that Link can wear to complement his look, the first is the classic style of rings, and the second is the third style, which is where the triforce is included on the pendant. The classic style of the triforce ring is a handsome-looking pendant that has the triforce encircled by four smaller rings. The design of this ring is intricate and is a lovely sight. The third style of the triforce ring features the picture of the Triforce on the ring itself. The color of the colors of the triforce, that is, if you decide to purchase a colored version, are red, blue, and yellow.

The blue edition of the rings is relatively easy to find. You can find it in stores that sell Zelda merchandise. This is because this edition of the rings features the Triforce encircled by the four smaller rings, instead of four smaller Triforce pieces. The blue edition of the rings also come in different colors and come in a variety of patterns. This edition of the rings can also be found online, as well as in collectible stores.