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Find Out the Meaning of the Clown Nose and Its Evolution

The Clown Nose is an adorable feature that adds flair to your cheekbones and features of your face. The expression is wide, without being dainty, and the nose is shorter than the chin. Apart from the crow’s feet under the eyes, the clown nose looks cute and adorable. The cheekbones and chin are rounded and there is some kind of a gentle tilt to the head. The change in the chin from flat to pointed makes the face appear more feminine and prettier. The clown nose is made of two small features of the lower lip, which forms the facial features of the nose. You can notice a slight curvature to the upper lip as well.

The cheekbones of the cheek are square and not straight. Hence, the feature looks extremely attractive. There is a kind of a V-shape on the top of the cheekbones that are rounded. The nose is very short with no jutting out features and has a good curve to it. The lips are thin, not round, but slightly arching, hence the smile is a gentle one.

The ears are very well shaped with large eyes and ears. The sides of the face are very expressive and they are quite expressive, too. There is a slight tilt in the chin and a huge and smiling mouth. The cheeks look soft and the nasal tip is taut and straight. There is a gentle back arch and the forehead is moderately high, keeping in view the feature that is not at all drawn out.