Weighted Couch Cup Holder

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ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL DRINKS: CouchCoaster – The best beverage holder to your couch, is really a one-size-fits-all drink coaster to firmly hold all of your favorite drinks – warm or cold – in your own couch, sofa, armchair, or recliner (cloth or leather).

WHY COUCHCOASTER: Avoid knocks, stains, and spills; Keep your beverage within easy reach; Ideal choice to coffee tables; Store telephones, remotes, and much more; Convenient for the entire family. A must-have According to TV accessory!

HOW IT WORKS: CouchCoaster wraps across the arm of your couch (armrest has to be 14cm / 5.5″ wide with gently sloping sides), or lie CouchCoaster level, tuck it between chair cushions/pillows or drape it over the backrest.


A brand-new and original way to hold your drink or snacks is the Couch Cup Holder. This portable holder allows you to carry your favorite drink and snack inside your car or on the go. Many people use this type of holder to help reduce a person’s stress while traveling. They can enjoy their favorite drink or snack in comfort as they drive or travel. This type of holder can be easily found at any office supply store or department store. You can easily find a company that sells these holders in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

Many people love this style of the holder because it gives the seat cushions that you already have with you something else to use. It doesn’t matter what size and shape the seat cushions you already have. These holders are perfect for adding to the seat cushions you already have to give you extra seating and comfort. A Couch Cup Holder is one of the best inventions of all time. It is unique and will make driving fun.

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