Smoko Adorable Narwhal Slippers Price: $36.95 $32.95 (as of 11/07/2020 23:54 PST- Details)

Two Detachable USB Powered Footwarmers
One Size Fits Most Foot


A Smoko Adorable Narwhal Slippers will be the best present for your child this year. Just look at them, they are beautiful and cuddly, they make your baby’s feet look like their mom’s. They will look like their mother’s too when they go out and play in the snow. We’ve all heard about how Snow White was her mother’s favorite character, just imagine if your kids wore these shoes, we would know that they have a special place in your heart for their feet. You won’t have to put up with a sore foot on a warm and snowy day again. Just the thought of having these shoes makes us want to put them on our feet as soon as we wake up.

Why are Smoko so popular? Well for starters, they’re super cute and they’re also great value for money. They are so great value for money because you can buy them from the UK. It may be slightly more expensive for them to be imported from the USA but it’s worth it. If you decide to buy them online then you can save some more money. You can have free shipping for many items from various online retailers. As well as that you will be able to have the product delivered to your door or wherever you want to receive it.

The product description is very good and the picture of them is amazing. They have a tiny narwhal in them and are so soft that your little one is going to love them. They also come in more than one color and a lot of different styles. The special features of these shoes include stylish a-line design, the embroidered band around the top part, flat soles, soft ankle and heel support, cushioned toe tip and breathable lining.