Slow Feeder Dog Mat & Boredom Buster Price: $7.95 (as of 11/07/2020 23:50 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details

REDUCES BOREDOM, ANXIETY, AND DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: Calms your pet as they enjoy their favourite treat. LickiMat is designed to reduce anxiety and encourage calm behavior on your pet during stressful times like thunderstorms. A great alternative to stress vests.

SERVE wholesome DOG TREATS: Slow Feeder dog licking mats are non-toxic and designed for your pet’s favorite snack. It keeps your dog happily engaged since they lick peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin puree, and other pet approved treats in the slow feeding licking mat.

SLOWER HEALTHIER FEEDING: Slow Feeder dog licking mats encourage lower ingestion, which reduces bloating and enhancing digestion.


Hyper Pet Lickimat is a dog-slow feeder, cat licking pad, and boredom buster that help relieve pet stress since they lick their preferred bite from the surface. Our Lickimat lineup of products is designed to decrease tension and promote calm behaviour in your dog or cat while living independently or during stressful times, such as storms. Distribute your pet’s favorite soft handle over the surface and create an enjoyable, tasty game as they hunt every morsel with their tongue. The exceptional pattern helps promote new breath, healthy teeth, and gums by simply scratching harmful bacteria in the tongue along with stimulating saliva reproduction, which aids digestion. Studies indicate that repetitive licking increases endorphins from the brain, which then, calms your furry friend and makes that joyful.