Rick & Morty Spaceship & Garage

Amazon.com Price: $11.95 (as of 11/07/2020 23:51 PST- Details)


The Rick and Morty Spaceship & Garage are a unique idea for a house. It’s got a spaceship that will float to the moon, just like in the show. It’s got a roller coaster and chomped a carrot that will knock you out in the toilet. It’s got multiple rooms that you can fly to, just like in the show. I was so excited to try this house out.

The house actually looks very nice and is a lot larger than the actual spaceship in the show. There is an ‘office’ that has a keyboard, mouse, and computer chair. On the desk is an Energy Cube machine. There are a refrigerator and sink, plus two bedrooms. They even have a room for you to lay in bed.

Everything is powered by Rick and Morty’s energy from their Macbook, they think. They even said that you can take the ship on the toilet, that’s a fantastic idea, right? Now the ship is not rollable but it’s movable as well. As long as you don’t really need a toilet in there you should be fine.