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WHY SHOULD You Purchase A CAN CRUSHER? : Can crushers significantly reduce the quantity of space aluminum may take up on your recycling bin. According to our testing, can crushers can cut back on the quantity of space-aluminum cans consumed by 45 per cent to 75 percent.


Why choose the Delta Prime Savings Club Can Crusher? Eliminate the explanation of not having everything you need to recycle. The can crusher won’t recycle it for you but turn your 16oz and 20oz cans/bottles into 1 inch sized pieces which are simple to recycle at your nearest center. There is a fantastic reason why so much emphasis is put onto the recycling of aluminum cans — namely, the lifespan of aluminum is essentially “infinite”. To put it differently, there’s no limitation to the number of occasions an aluminum can is able to be recycled, and the electricity and capital equipment needed to recycle is significantly lower than it’s for the creation of new aluminum. Recycling your bottles and cans allows your to make an extra income a month without taking up a large amount of space full of bags and also decreases the number of trips to the recycling center. This is ideal for families that undergo large amounts of cans and bottles every month. Our can crusher may take out 16oz and 20oz cans easily. Thick durable metal with a foam grip allows for repeated usage and excellent execution can after can. Our can crusher also includes a bottle opener in the bottom giving you another reason to set up this in the kitchen or the garage. Can crushers are an excellent foundation in teaching children the importance of money and the environment. Kids love crushing cans as well as the reward of making some money when going to the recycling center.

DESIGNED FOR YOU: DESIGN: Easy and safe soft grip pull down tool completely compresses the alloy to approximately 20% of initial size saving valuable storage space — Bonus jar opener is situated at the bottom of a tool for simple accessibility – Vertically installs onto wall studs with screws that are included. Efficient one hand operated recycling and garbage crushing tool reducing how big tall aluminum seltzer, soda, beer, and pop jars – pop open beer bottles and much more
ENDLESS BENEFITS: Fits both small and large cans, Saves a ton of crap area, Cleans up a party in a breeze, Easy to use even for kids, Fantastic father’s day gift idea, Lessens the contamination that recycling facilities discharge when crushing
HEAVY DUTY: Heavy 16 gauge durable all steel joints and body construction continues through a life of crushes without breaking or deforming.