LED Water Kitchen Faucet Light

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This product has mini built-in generating electricity devices,it does not need batteries and power supplies, as long as the water flow it will give out light.The products are beautiful, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
3 Colors changes depending on the temperature of the water.When the water temperature is below 32℃,the light color is blue. When the water temperature is between 33℃ to 40℃, the right shows green. When the water temperature is between 41℃ to 45℃, it turns to red.When the water temperature is higher than 45℃, the light flashing red.


Water glows Blue when water is Cold (temperature below 32°C
Water glows Green when water is Warm (temperature is 33°C-40°C).
Water glows Red when water is Hot (temperature 41C – 45°C).

Let the child keep away from the hot water.
Easy to install, the connector can make the faucet to be adapted to a variety of faucet interfaces

Package List:
2*LED light faucet(Temperature control color)