GLOWPONG Green vs Blue Price: $25.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:48 PST- Details)

Game Set includes everything you need to play our patented & First 100% glow from the dark Beer Pong Party Game
NEW! You talked, we listened: Game Set now comprises an excess night’s source of Vibrant Cup Sticks. Re-use your cups and play with GLOWPONG 2 FULL NIGHTS!


Contains 24 Glowing Party Cups, 48 Vibrant Cup Sticks (24 Green vs. 24 Blue), 4 Vibrant Game Balls, and 1 LED Charging Unit to Create EVERY SHOT GLOW! Cups will shine for 8-12 hours on detection with NO BLACK LIGHTS REQUIRED
Game could be played traditional “Beer Pong” or even “Beirut” principles but also good as an all ages-goal game – make your own rules, fill the cups with water or pop, children love the bright luminous colors
Fantastic for indoor or outside-home parties and events, BBQs, tailgating, camping, beach bonfires, pubs, pubs, clubs… bring it with you and play the game everywhere