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The Proton Pack is the primary ghost capturing device used by the Ghostbusters.
Ghostbusters Proton Pack The proton pack is certainly something every self-respecting Ghostbuster should have in their possession! Good for fighting paranormal activity (using your imagination)! Lights, Sound, Ghost Catching Adjustable Strap, easy to carry. This is an officially licensed Ghostbusters product.


The Proton Pack is the primary ghost capturing device used by the Ghostbusters. Like most equipment used by the Ghostbusters, the Proton Pack was made from special materials that make it able to withstand extremely high levels of energy from high-speed projectiles, including those fired by the one of the biggest threats faced by the Ghostbusters; Slimer.

The Proton Pack works by allowing the Ghostbuster to collect and concentrate the energy of the charged projectiles. When the Energy Converter on the Proton Pack was activated, the lower portion of the weapon was drawn toward the ghost-like apparition or being in question. Once drawn, the object was absorbed into the Ghostbuster’s containment unit.

When the lower energy levels were reached, the Proton Pack ejected the captured object at a high speed at the direction of the Ghostbuster. In order to get the object to return to the Ghostbuster, he/she had to hit the ground. However, this technique usually failed when the object got too close to the Ghostbuster decided to use the Proton Pack for his/her own use. The usual method to maintain proximity of the captured object was to use the Proton Pack to send the object flying in a downward direction or hit it with a part of the Proton Pack, which did not allow the object to come back.

The Proton Pack also had several limitations with regards to the type of object that could be sent flying into the air with it. There were two instances when a solid object would be allowed to fly with the Proton Pack: when it contained the outline of an object, the solid object would be sent flying, and when the object did not contain the outline of an object, the projectile would be sent flying without the assistance of the Proton Pack.

Because of its increasing popularity, the Proton Pack has since been improved upon by the Ghostbusters. This includes a computer chip inside the Proton Pack that allows the user to use a special tool to activate and deactivate the power generator. The ghostbusters had to first activate the tool with a button. Once the button was pressed, the tool activated the generator, allowing the ghost-like projectile to be removed from the gun, and sent flying to a predetermined location.

The improvement on the Proton Pack was so great that it was given the ability to return the particles it had caught to the Ghostbuster in cases where the object did not contain the outline of an object. It also had the capability to enter into a tungsten-carbide casing that was placed at the rear of the Proton Pack. This cage allowed the Proton Pack to carry multiple objects at once.

The improvements on the Proton Pack also allowed the device to become more mobile, without affecting its ability to shoot out projectiles. For example, the gun became capable of shooting more projectiles by changing its firing mode. Also, the ability to place more than one particle at a time has been implemented, making the Proton Pack capable of delivering more material to its target.

The Proton Pack has since made its way to become a part of the team of the Ghostbusters. The device has even been adapted to be used by Ghostbuster goers who are not Ghostbusters.