Fonzo The Clown Mask Price: $25.41 (as of 11/07/2020 23:58 PST- Details)


Fonzo The Clown Mask – Flees Scaring!

This Halloween, Fonzo The Clown is here to scare you. The spooky-looking face mask has a scary smile that goes over the eyes and does a funny dance on the nose. While it might be scary, it’s also fun.

The face mask comes in two pieces. There is a face mask, which sits on the nose and mouth of the figure. This makes the eyes face the floor while the mouth is open. The face mask is large enough to cover your entire face.

Then there is the torso, which also looks like a scary clown. The armholes are wide and the legs are short. They look perfect for a scarecrow or Halloween costume, but they can also be used as fun masks as well. When putting together, you have the perfect head to go along with the scary face mask.

The face mask comes in red and is full length. It holds the mouth wide open so that you can see the teeth, but not enough that you can see the skin underneath. The ears are tiny but they still stand out. Then you have the body with the long legs, a long red nose, and the thin pointed ears.

This is really great addition to any Halloween set or scary costume. The design is still scary, but you can be sure to leave the party with a smile on your face. The clown mask has some design issues. For example, the forehead is too wide to fit inside the mouth properly. It creates a leaky mask.

Another easy way to fix this problem is to glue the eyes to the mask. You can also add a little black paint to help hide the excess masking tape on the sides. This mask is the perfect Halloween accessory.

Just remember that this is not a traditional scary clown mask, but it’s still a scary Halloween costume. It’s a scarecrow without the creepy side.

You can also find new masks every month. Some masks have more than one design, but most have just one design for the entire month. If you want to try a new design, all you have to do is sign up for their monthly subscription and you can receive it as soon as it arrives.