Final Fantasy Buster Sword

The Buster Sword was first used in the Final Fantasy VII and has been in numerous other games of the series from then on. It’d been used before him by Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley, the Cloud Strife ‘s signature weapon. The Buster Sword is an iconic symbol of Cloud and Final Fantasy VII because of its large scale and is typically used by the cloud.
57″ overall length
EVA foam with inner core


57 inch foam fantasy broad medieval sword with inner core

57″ overall length
EVA foam with inner core
Soft blade and handle for safety
Great for cosplay, costume, and collection



The Buster Sword is regarded as a massive broadsword. It is about five to six foot long from tip to handle, and about one foot thick with a single-edged flat blade. The blade is a light color on the bladed edge in Cloud’s final fantasy VII work, while the rest of the blade is dark-gray and the ward seems bolted or riveted. Two holes near the handguard, or where a cloud catches the sword on his back are considered to be matter slots. The handle is a reddish knurled material in more thorough iterations. For most spin-off appearances, this style is used.

Cloud’s main weapon is the Buster Knife. This can not be sold or thrown in cutscenes and mini-games by computer. The base power of the Buster Sword is 18 and 96 respectively. There are two slots linked to Materia.

The Buster Sword appears on the title screen suspended over the black surface. For Combat Square handicap reels, Buster Sword also reflects a Broken handicap of the Weapon.

Fantasy VII final remake
Buster Sword as it appears in the VII Remake of Final Fantasy.
Key article (VII Remake): Buster Sword
Cloud’s default weapon is the Buster Sword again. The definition of the menu is about the name “All Who Battle” of the original game ‘s usual combat theme. Sword ‘s surface is heavily worn and its length is noticeable with numerous scratches. On the in-game model, the matter in it is first apparent. The game is coated in grime in the last scene and the handle is used throughout the video.