Beer Hat Price: $13.95 (as of 11/07/2020 23:48 PST- Details)

Drink two can at precisely the exact same time, Regulating valves to control and close to the straw, Helmet strap is flexible, Can fit all head size safely.
✔ COOL PARTY WEAR – Much like most of crazy parties you’ve seen in movies, Wearing this trendy novelty drinking hat will bring you tons of fun!
✔ WHERE TO USE – Tailgate Party, Fraternity Party, Backyard Party or Anyplace there’s drinking!


A Beer & Soda Helmet make a great gift for any beer drinker. A high quality aluminum cap helps prevent your straw from being damaged by your choice of beverages. The straw cap is easy to use and slips over the straw with no hassle. The drinking hat has a stylish and elegant design that adds a modern flair to any display.

The cap of the straw hat can be removed to clean the straw or to store the straw until next time. The straw hat also offers a great protective feature when it comes to your straw because it is made of weather-resistant nylon. The straw is designed to hang off the hat with great style and elegance. This accessory looks great on anyone and the straw cap is an attractive option for a gift. The straw cap also works well with a straw holder which attaches to the straw cap so the straw can be removed when it is not needed. This hat is also available in other styles of caps and logos that will add even more flair to your gift.

You can find this accessory in a variety of sizes so you can be sure that your straw hat will look good on your next party. The wide selection of colors and designs are a great addition to any collection of special souvenirs. Make sure that the straw hat cap you choose is made of sturdy and weather-resistant material. It should also be compatible with a straw holder so the straw can be removed. If you want the gift to be unique and stand out, you can choose a unique color or logo for your gift.