Donald Trump Toilet Paper Price: $14.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:59 PST- Details)

A brilliant deal! – this set comes with three rolls of 2-ply toilet paper, with each roll containing 240 sheets. A deal fit for the Donald himself!
No smear campaign here! – one image per sheet, digitally printed to never smudge or smear. Much sturdier than you-know-who’s policies!


Whether you’re watching the apprentice re-runs or scrolling through your Twitter feed while on the toilet, The Donald will never be far with Fairly Odd Novelties’ trump Toilet Paper. This set of three rolls is sure to make your bathroom Great again with multiple pictures of the 45th President printed safely across each rollie 240 sheets. It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, this novelty Toilet Paper makes the perfect gag gift for anyone! The different images of President Trump on each roll are sure to bring a smile to any Republican or democrat. As the Donald himself would (probably) say, “these are great rolls, The best rolls. Everyone always tells Me how funny these rolls are. Yuuuuuuge laughs, folks.” make the best trade deal in the history of Trade deals, maybe ever, and order this gift today! Each roll contains 240 sheets of two-ply printed toilet Paper. Each roll measures 3.99″ X 3.24″ X 3.24″. Roll core diameter is 1.67″