Whisky Chilling Stones

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THE ORIGINAL WHISKY STONES — Teroforma saw the need to fix the matter of melted ice ruining your preferred pour of liquor. To deal with this, they crafted the initial whiskey stones from soapstone, which means you might truly enjoy your whiskey or scotch”on the rocks”.
NO DILUTION — If you enjoy your favourite alcohol lightly chilled, then you know what it is like to have it get destroyed by ice dilution. Worry no more! Whisky chilling rocks are made to cool your favourite bourbon, scotch, or whiskey in 5 minutes without needing to be worried about losing natural flavors.


For those who enjoy the finest Scotch Whisky, there is no better option than using Whisky Chilling Stones for producing the right flavor and aroma. The Scotch Whisky is a combination of wood from oak, hemlock, and juniper. The Scotch Whisky is made by boiling and converting the grain into mash and distilling the mash at extremely high temperatures. However, these are not meant to be stored for long periods of time. These are for when you want a nice tasty aroma and flavor without having to hold the bottle. You do not have to worry about the harsh taste and harsh smell that you would get from a traditional brand of whisky.

The leading brand of the Whisky Chilling Stones is Sterling as it has worked with all of the top brands of alcohol. It is one of the leading Scotch Whisky Chilling Stones that you can use to get the best. It comes in different styles, sizes, and colors to fit any room. You can use these in your bar, in your office, at the pool, in your private tasting room, or in any place you might like. It can be used at home as well so that you can get the best from your favorite spirit. They are easy to use as they do not have any sticky residue on them like you might get from using a bottle of Scotch. You can use them in any part of the home and the family will enjoy the wonderful taste of your favorite drink and that of your favorite whiskey.

One of the wonderful benefits of this type of beverage whiskey cooler is that you can actually mix it with soda or drink to make a drink that is truly any style or flavor. The drink is made by mixing a flavored soda, apple juice, and water in a double measure glass. After mixing these you then add a few drops of the oil extract from the herb that you prefer and put it in a corked bottle and seal it. You can then add ice and enjoy the drink. You can also mix the liquid in your ice bucket and it is easy to do. Once you open the bottle you will find the drink that you have made.