Vortex Gravity Defying Coin Bank

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Watch Money Defy Gravity Circling About When Saving Money Coins
Interesting VORTEX bank. Drop a coin on to the ramp and then watch it travel magically around and around in a wall of VORTEX (Gradually defying gravity)
Until coin drops down into the coin Chamber.


Science museums around the globe always have a VORTEX display. That’s because it’s interesting to watch folks drop a coin. Now we made a smaller version for background or home. They’re amused by a very simple coin.

Simply set a coin on VORTEX track and watch the fun start. The coin will get interesting to watch as it spins round the VORTEX until eventually falls right into a coin storage foundation. Why keep your loose change in a jar as soon as you can have fun saving it?

A new place to keep your loose change. Your friends will put coins in the VORTEX only to see what happens.
Steps: 14 x 7 x 7
Seen in Museums all across the World!