The Useless Box Price: $11.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:51 PST- Details)

This Fully Asembled Mini Edition Useless Box is the perfect gift for birthdays and parties.



What is the purpose of USELESS BOX? Absolutely nothing! In fact, it’s a kind of gift joke. After pressing the button, the lid of the box opens and a “finger” comes out of it, which automatically presses the button again and the lid closes. This is completely pointless, because the only function of this widget is to turn itself off.

Seen from another point of view. Pressing a button and auto-shutting off can bring pleasure and a sense of calm to people suffering from anxiety, such as fidget spinners or fidget click toys.

Sure it’s useless … but it keeps your itchy switch-flippin ‘fingers busy!