Terminator Endoskull Mask

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Scary full head endoskull mask from the sci-fi classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day;
Add a little touch of horror to your look with terminator endoskull mask;



If you’re searching for the ultimate Halloween costume, then the Terminator Endoskull Mask might be for you. This is a heavy duty mask that will leave the wearer completely unrecognizable. The exoskeleton is made of a solid colored plastic that really gives the mask its signature look and feel. A chrome metal frame is included on the sides of the mask to help add protection to the face area.

The Terminator Endoskull Mask has removable brow straps, which help to hide the eyes and enhance the beauty of the face. In addition, the endoskeleton can be removed from the mask for cleaning purposes. The endoskeleton is a secured piece of plastic with a perfect fit. With the removable brow straps and the chrome metal frame, it will definitely stand out in any crowd. The Endoskull mask really is an interesting mask that can help keep you one step ahead of all the other Halloween costumes. It also adds some more fun to the Halloween celebrations.

This mask really is a perfect option for every male and female. You will look completely different and definitely have, “I’m different” look. If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume then the Terminator Endoskull Mask is the perfect mask to make your Halloween all the more memorable. This mask may not be the easiest costume to wear in a crowd, but it sure is sure to stand out! With the chrome metal frame and removable brow straps, you can have a perfect look that will surely leave everyone in awe!