Tasty: The Cookbook

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This is actually the cooking bible.
Since this really is Tasty, you know that you may expect the 80 recipes in this book are fun to create, inventive, easy to follow and incredibly flavorful.
Locate two segments to choose from: Impress Yourself and Impress Your Friends. Cook equally quickly and authentic recipes to your favorite classic dishes.
Switch to Tasty for inspiration for special events such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s, date night parties… Everything you fancy, you will get a wonderful recipe.


Tasty: The Cookbook is a set of more than 80+ recipes that will make you happy and hungry every time you look at them. A huge part of what makes Tasty: The Cookbook so great is the fact that the recipes are easy to follow and the recipes only get more tasty as you work your way through them. Even if you have never made a souffle, you can make it in minutes, if you know the proper technique. What really makes this cookbook so great is that all of the recipes can be made in your own home or even in your own kitchen.

Hungry? Not to worry. Tasty: The Cookbook gives you many ways to make the recipes that you love the most, for a variety of occasions. You can make meatloaf, egg cakes, cream cheese, and sausage “recipes” that you will love all the same – they are as scrumptious as the ones you will make for yourself at home.

Tasty: The Cookbook can serve you well, whatever you may be craving in terms of tasty recipes. If you are a vegetarian, you can get as many recipes for making the meat dishes you love the most. If you are a meat lover, you can find a plethora of recipes for making just about anything that your heart desires.