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Inspired by the original Polaroid OneStep from 1977, the OneStep 2 is the new Polaroid camera of the modern world. An easy-to-use instant camera that combines classic design with modern style, with a high-quality lens, powerful flash and long-lasting rechargeable battery.


“Stranger Things” an American science fiction series created by the Duffer brothers for the streaming media network Netflix. The series sends us back to the 1980s. The action takes place in a quiet provincial American fictional city of Hawkins, Indiana. The auspicious course of local life disrupts the mysterious disappearance of a teenager named Will. The boy’s family and the local sheriff are determined to find out the circumstances of the case, and the events also affect Will’s best friend, Mike. He begins his own investigation. Mike is sure that he is close to the solution, and now he has to find himself at the epicenter of a fierce battle of otherworldly forces.

In the series “Stranger Things” One of the most commonly used gadgets is the instant Polaroid camera. Polaroid made a new development and launched the One Step 2 model. The One Step 2 combines the best of analog photography with the ease of digital photography. The main thing about this camera is that it prints the picture taken at the moment. Contains fix-focused lens, built-in flash, USB charging. As well as a timer for taking photos. Polaroid claims that the battery lasts at least 60 days on a single charge. The camera takes great photos at close range. This camera is a great gift for the fan series “Stranger Things”. As well as for all dreamers and travel enthusiasts who want to capture every moment instantly with this instant camera.