Star Wars Darth Vader Tooth Saber Price: $87.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:53 PST- Details)

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Age: 15 years old or more


Appeared Darth Vader ToothSaber from Star Wars (Darth Vader Tooth Saber) is! New concept toy birthday! Everyday along with STARWARS. Can not be essential to the postprandial “toothpick” is fused to a rainy day Darth Vader! By subtracting the back of the lever, one by one so as to pull out the lightsaber, take out the toothpick! World’s First toothpick dispenser! Toothpick about ten housing a retractable stocker to cloak. Display for the saver a single accessory. Point 1: can be taken out of the toothpick in a simple lever action point 2:! Trappings in fashionable daily ※ toothpick is not included. ※ saver for the display can not be used as a toothpick. Package Size: 200 (width) 160 (height) 110 (back) mm