Star Trek Captain’s Log Notebook Price: $8.95 (as of 11/07/2020 23:53 PST- Details)

A handy logbook with charts, inspirational quotes, and room for the many observations you’ll make on your five-year mission. 4.75″ x 7″ with 64 lined pages for all your observations.


A star trek captain’s log notebook is one of the most indispensable pieces of equipment for any Starfleet officer. Star Trek captains log notebooks, like many of the other work items used by the ship’s crew, are a must have when on board a starship.

When being debarked from a starship they would normally enter the shuttlecraft and be immediately debriefed by the Captain or another senior officer. One of the important items that the captain is expected to be able to impart on a novice crew member is the notebook. It was only logical that every captain would carry a log with them in the event that they were ever needed to write a record of events that occurred while they were on board the starship.

Each one of these documents would normally contain a list of all of the events that happened during the ship’s operations. The files would also contain statistics on the operational milestones, and various instructions given by the Captain and a record of any such action taken by the crew.

A captain’s log notebook was not just one of the items on board the starship that served to keep track of events. In fact, all things that were considered a part of the operations of the ship’s crew became part of this notebook, including any deviations from regulations or human error, accidents, medical mishaps, operational hazards, or mistakes that the crew had made while performing their duty.

Some captains who were proficient with computers would also carry a sat scanner. This sat scanner was used to scan the logs that were in their collection. If the scans showed inconsistencies, it was possible that the ship’s navigation department, or a captain who was also the navigator of the starship, could request that the entire notebook to be redone to bring the entries into the form that they should have been in.

Other captains would carry two sat scanners. One sat scanner was used for log writing purposes while the other sat scanner was used to scan any unknown or misidentified objects that were discovered on board the ship. If the starship had a way to get to the object once it was identified, the Captain would always be prepared to explain the situation to the Captain’s log supervisor.

Another useful item that a captain would be equipped with was a digital watch that he or she could use as a substitute for a pocket watch. These digital watches were incredibly accurate and gave a good approximation of time.