Power Press Push Up

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Develops chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back; Engages total core!
Color-coded system identifies working muscle groups (i.e., Chest, Shoulders, Back, Triceps)


The Power Press Pushes Up is an exercise that incorporates a wide range of movement into one exercise. It is an upper-body exercise that will work your chest, back and arms. Working those muscles is what sets the Power Press Pushes Up apart from other exercises that you could do.

With a standard Push Up you are doing nearly an entire workout in one set of exercises. You are doing a series of different lifts that require you to lift more bodyweight than you can normally do before. Since you are lifting the whole time, you tend to fatigue much faster. In other words, it’s not very realistic for people who are just starting out to attempt to lift a whole lot of weight in one workout.

With the Push-Up, you are using only one set of muscles to lift the weight. As a result, you can push as much weight as you want during each repetition and therefore you can burn a lot more calories than if you lifted with multiple sets of muscles. This makes the Push Up a great way to use your entire body to raise the weights.

Another difference between the Push-Up and other exercises is that you are not working the same muscles throughout the entire set. Rather, you are working your upper chest and your lower chest during the first part of the exercise. You then push down on your chest so that it is raised and your upper arms are brought up as well. You then do the same thing in the second part of the exercise.

The Push Up works for many different muscle groups all at once. This is a great advantage for a Strength Training workout, as it allows the workout to be more intense than other workouts that do not work all the muscle groups at the same time.

The reason why this workout is great for the upper body is that you have much more range of motion when you are doing it. When you lift weights, you have to constantly be lifting your feet off the ground in order to keep your legs working. When you are doing a Push Up you can actually go back and forth for hours at a time and still be able to hold your balance.

The Push Up is also an exercise that really focuses on the chest and the upper back. Because it utilizes more upper body muscle, the strength of those muscles will be increased as well. This is a great advantage for you if you are trying to build those muscles because it means that you can get stronger with this exercise without having to lift more weight. Many people use this advantage to help them build stronger upper body muscles.

So, the Power Press Pushes Up is a great way to increase the effectiveness of any strength-training workout. It works your chest, back, and arms while burning more calories than most other exercises that you could do. Using all these muscles in one set of exercises is a great advantage for a Strength Training workout that will increase your strength faster than any other workout.