Tactical Pocket Sand Self Defense

“Pocket Sand” is a self-defense tactic used by Dale Gribble character to protect and banish intruders. This is an epic scene from Episode 2 Season 6 of the movie “King of the Hill” “Soldier of Misfortune” It’s a good idea for a fun gift. shi-shi-SHAA!

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Dale Alvin Gribble is a fictional character in the Fox animated series King of The Hill, voiced by Johnny Hardwick (Stephen Root, who Bill’s voice and actor Daniel Stern was as originally auditioned for the role). He is the creator of the revolutionary “Pocket Sand” defense mechanism, a fighter, bounty hunter, owner of Daletech, a heavy smoker, fanatic gun, and a paranoid believer with almost all conspiracy theories and urban legends.


What is pocket sand?

Tactical Self-Defense Pocket Sand was used by Dale Gribble from King of The Hill animated sitcom movie in order to escape and avoid his attackers. He takes sand from his pocket and throwing it into his attacker's eyes. In this way, he trickily avoids dangers and conflicts with the other characters in the film. This is a pretty easy method to use for self-defense in real life.

What movie is pocket sand from?

"King of the Hill" Season 6, Episode 2 - Soldier of Misfortune (TV Episode 2001)

What episode of King of the Hill is pocket sand?

Soldier of Misfortune Episode 2 Season 6, of King of the Hill.

Who played Jimmy Carter on King of the Hill?

David Herman