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Together with the first centerfold image of This radiant Marilyn Monroe, Hugh M. Hefner masterminded a cultural icon: Playboy’s Playmate of the Month. This voluptuous new edition celebrates every naked centerfold from each issue of Playboy, from 1953 to February 2016. Initially published a decade ago, and now comprehensively updated, this must-have variant boasts 734 nude centerfolds and decade openers from literary luminaries, such as an all-new informative article by Elizabeth Wurtzel on the last decade of centerfolds, and a redesigned package that flawlessly captures the entire cultural and aesthetic arc of the Playboy centerfold.With contributions by:- Robert Coover- Paul Theroux- Robert Stone- Jay McInerney- Daphne Merkin- Maureen Gibbon- Elizabeth Wurtzel


Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds features many of the starlets of the past and present including Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford, and Lauren Conrad. While this is just a sampling of the book’s offerings, Playboy is generally known for its dedication to the female form and the originality of the images it portrays.

For this reason, it is quite remarkable that the book employs more than 500 of its own photographs. What’s more, the book is divided into four sections with a retrospective chapter covering the female bodies of the past and a “Wonderful Sex” section featuring models from the present day. The author’s reputation is enhanced by the inclusion of links to some of the most prominent online galleries featuring images taken by the magazine’s photographers.

The photography in this book is top-notch, especially the pictures by John Heartfield. These photos are strikingly different from the rest of the images in the book because of their vividness and the naturalism that separates them from others in the genre.

Although the book’s pages appear to be high-resolution, the reproduction is nothing short of poor, making the photo quality an issue. Additionally, the book contains an edition of images that may not be authentic.

As an addition to the photography, Playboy also includes articles on its pages about a wide range of topics. This book should be purchased to support those who enjoy the magazine’s writing. Perhaps more importantly, the content of the magazine makes this a great resource for those interested in learning about a man’s personal life.

The book contains a number of essays that explore the changing meanings and ideals of sex within society. While the usual topics are still relevant today, the authors of these pieces have incorporated a modern perspective into their piece. Additionally, they vary in terms of the topic.

For example, some of the essays include novels and memoirs, while others focus on relationships and careers. The advice contained in these sections is quite helpful to men, especially those that are in the position of being the primary caregiver for a loved one. The advice found in these sections is easily transferable to male relationships and families.

In addition to the photography, there are several candid photographs, which are presented as individual prints, along with several centerfold images. While the photographs featured in the book can look a bit amateurish, there is no doubt that they provide some valuable insight into the celebrity world.

An unusual feature found in the book is the inclusion of brief biographies for several of the featured models. While the book does not contain a comprehensive list of all the contributors, it is interesting to note that some of the names are well-known models.

Readers are given the opportunity to choose from five nude centerfolds, one portrait, two children’s books, two full-color photography prints, and a mini-series that depict the lives of two other models. There is also a section devoted to movies, which offers a one-stop shop for all tastes.

Some of the features in this book make it an ideal gift for anyone interested in the female form or the stars who showcase this beauty. While other features in the book do not necessarily appeal to a wide variety of tastes, the five nude centerfolds are among the most beautiful prints of this particular genre, and the portraits of these models are some of the most beautiful photographs in the book.

In short, the contents of this book are highly commendable and a great way to celebrate this year’s release of Playboy. While there is an abundance of information to be had on the female form, Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds only scratches the surface.