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Premium Leather
0.7″ high
14″ wide



Plague Doctor Mask Costumes

The Plague Doctor is a Necromancer and is quite skilled at what he does. One of his most valuable tools is the Plague Doctor Mask, a mask that emits plague gas which disables the brains of the infected. It is worn to cover one’s face and makes it hard for the skin to contract the plague and infect other people. It has been shown in video games and movies as a way of fighting the disease.

The Plague Doctor is showing to wear a skull mask that holds a mask over his face. He wears this mask until he becomes the last Necromancer alive, after which his body will start to disintegrate. The mask contains a liquid that slowly kills all the infected with each exhale.

The bird mask is found on the game Helloween. It has an open face and hides the Plague Doctor’s mouth until he sprays something. Its main purpose is to allow the character to breathe while in plague form. To function, the mask can be removed and held against the face to allow venting of air. In this form, the costume acts more like a vacuum cleaner than a mask.

The Helloween Hat, worn by the plague doctor in the game, has a large brim hat that covers the person’s face. It does not protect the whole face. When the hat is taken off the plague doctor’s face shows through, which protects the face from infection.

The bird mask is found on the game Doom, a character who can transform into a bird at any time. It can be worn by any character as long as it is of high quality. It allows the Plague Doctor to freely fly around while in bird form.

The pig mask is another mask that can be obtained from the game as well as being used by the Plague Doctor. It is made of pigskin, its eyes are removed, and can be worn in the Plague Doctor’s hands to allow him to run at full speed without falling off. It also enables the Plague Doctor to bite and kill the zombies around him.

The third mask, the Helloween Hat, has the same features as the Bird Mask. In addition, it features two skulls that look like the head of a goat which resembles the black and white design used in the game. This mask allows the Plague Doctor to freely move about and remain camouflaged without losing his visibility.

These costumes are available on the websites of the two companies mentioned above. Their prices are higher than those that are available in stores but still cheaper than most other masks. Some websites charge different amounts for shipping and handling, so be sure to double-check before ordering online.