Pikachu Cotton Slipper

Amazon.com Price: $23.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:51 PST- Details)

These slippers are not simply super effective at keeping your toes warm, Pikachu’s cheeks also illuminate when you step! And should you shuffle your feet in the winter whilst wearing them, you may have the ability to generate a bit of a shock from the Electric-type Pokémon.


Pikachu, I choose you! Make the ideal choice and buy these cute Pikachu Slippers! Featuring the smiling face of this popular Pokemon character, these slippers will bring friendship and joy to some that wear them. Chubby and chubby, Pikachu promises to keep your toes warm no matter what battle you face. A no-slip foundation adds stability as you fly about. Complete with ears, rosy cheeks, along with a lightning bolt tail, those Pikachu Slippers are too cute to shoot off!