Otamatone: The Strange Musical Instrument with a Face

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What the Japanese just won’t come up with! Perhaps this is the funniest and craziest musical instrument.  Otamatone is an electronic musical instrument developed in Japan at the Cube Works Company along with Maywa Denki This is an analog-to-digital toy, which takes the form of a musical note with a cartoon face, which can and should be wrinkled.


How to Play With an Otamatone Singing Toy

In recent years, Otamatone has become a very popular musical hobby. Playing it is easy and fun, music education and experience are not required. Otamatone is in the form of a musical note. It is made in the style of a toy, below is a “head”, above a “neck” containing a touch panel that makes funny melodies depending on the location of your fingers. To change the sound effect of ““ waaahwaaah ”, squeeze“ cheeks ”- this increases / decreases the timbre of the voice of the otamaton musical electronic instrument.

This fairy-tale instrument, from cartoons, resembles a note in its form and not just a note, but a living cartoon note. He has a mouth when pressed, he opens it and makes a sound, which depends on how you hold the bar. It all looks extremely funny. Some craftsmen manage to play whole compositions on this instrument. Develops logic and dramatically improves mood. Such a note will be surely tortured by guests. A fun gift for music lovers.