Warcraft Orgrim Mask

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Orgrim Deluxe Mask Adult The perfect accessory for your costume based on the movie Warcraft, the Worlds of Warcraft movie.! Include: Full over-the-head latex mask of one of the most popular characters from WOW. Available size: One size fits most adults. This is an officially licensed Worlds Of Warcraft product.

Mask With Faux Hair.
Includes mask with faux hair.
100% Latex Mask



In the original version of the Warcraft game, the titular character was named Arthas Menethil. He was a simple but yet awesome character. There were many different characters in the original Warcraft game. In the expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, there were many new characters that were introduced to the game. The new characters were many, but the most infamous of them was the character named “Orgrim Doomhammer.” Orgrim was considered as the leader of the Horde faction.

Orgrim and his band of fellow orcs, the Warsong Offensive, got their name from Orgrim’s Hammer, a legendary sword that belonged to Thrall. The one who designed Orgrim’s picture was Blizzard’s artist, Eric Dodds. As for his title, he was also the leader of the Warchief of the Horde faction. But in the early stages of the game, he was not so much an important character. In fact, the first part of the game was about the war against the human and also against the troll faction. In this part of the game, Orgrim was not so important. But as the game progressed, the character Orgrim was considered as a very influential character because of his powerful weapon called the Doomhammer.

The Doomhammer is an amazing artifact that belongs to the Death Knight’s skill tree. The character is known to be the most powerful and also the most versatile among all the other characters in the game. It can be used by Orgrim as his signature weapon. This unique weapon gives him the ability to control and crush his enemies. In some scenes of the game, he was shown crushing all the enemies in his path with his unique weapon.