MyKee Brushed Titanium Multi-Tool Key Price: $15.97 (as of 11/07/2020 23:48 PST- Details)

MyKee isn’t just another titanium multi-tool, it is more than that. Many tools introduce gimmicky features that end up not being useful. With its new proprietary connector, you’ll have the ability to connect more add on tools, further increasing its capability. It’s unique, streamlined and more than able to handle your daily needs!


Designed not only to be stronger and lighter, but yet functional and innovative. Starting from scratch, essential design components were added to a deceptively simple but yet functional 18-in-1 tool which can withstand the daily wear and tear. With the process of carefully drafting and prototyping, was born.
Designed With Passion For Ultimate Use
Tasks are a part of our daily life and some become troublesome when we don’t have the ideal tools for it. Was designed to bear the weight of those tasks and make everyday life easier without adding the weight in your pocket!
Blade | Claw
The combination of military grade 5 Titanium and precise machining makes a brilliant blade that is very functional, yet exceptionally resistant to daily wear! The blade is capable of being a letter opener, seal
Opener, box opener, cuticle pusher, pill splitter, lotto scratch, carrot peeler, and a label popper.
Light and Durable
To deliver a durable experience, Grade 5 Titanium is used because of the high strength to reduce weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance. Is no longer than.” And no wider than 1″ with its depth of 0.100″. It only weighs 0.185 oz!