Multifunction Fidget Spinner with Buttons on it Like Fidget Cube Price: $9.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:56 PST- Details)

★ ALL NEW DESIGN – 2017 Version all New Design, Made from high quality materials, durable and long lasting. Ceramic center bearing, SLA technology, laser industrial molding technology, All New Design, Stronger and more durable than ever!Perfect size suitable for relieving stress ,anxiety. ADHD, and Autism – Top selling toys. Helps you stay focused!
★ ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEF – Do you feel stressed or bored at work or at school? These fidget toys will help you stay calm, relieves stress and anxiety, increases focus, attention and keeps boredom away. They are specifically design for those with extra energy and recommended for ADHD, ADD, OCD and Autism
★ EXCELLENT PLAY TOY – Spend some easy time playing with your kids to just see who is more ‘spinworthy’. Not only will your kids enjoy it, but you’ll also find yourself immersed in this tension-relievinggame. Help your kids develop their focus and at the same time bond through a simple, discrete and fun game


The Multifunction Fidget Spinner is a great new spin on a classic. It’s fast, fun and the whole family can have a blast spinning around with it in their hands!

So how does the Multifunction Fidget Spinner work? Simple. It spins, it stops, it spins again – when you need to bring your hands up to your face for support, you just flick your fingers to adjust the gearbox and your gadget is ready to play!

The Multifunction Fidget Spinner comes complete with a wide range of bright colors, including red, black, blue, green, pink, and multicolored Fidget Cube buttons, and a step-by-step instruction manual. You can easily get started and have fun spinning the Multifunction Fidget Spinner right away!

These Multifunction Fidget Spinner buttons are so simple to use and fit perfectly into any Multi-Functional Brain Cubes. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get one of these cubes, either – there are a whole host of online retailers out there that offer them at discount prices. And once you start spinning the cube, you’ll be spinning yourself!

There are a wide variety of Fidget Cube buttons to choose from to customize your Multifunction Fidget Spinner. Whether you want one single color or a combination of several colors to accent your Spin-A-Flex, there are plenty of options available. Pick the one that speaks to you – whether you want light or dark, traditional or futuristic, or something in between, there are options for everyone.

At any rate, you don’t have to be an engineer to put Fidget Cube buttons on your Multifunction Fidget Spinner. Just because the buttons can be removed, doesn’t mean that you have to. You can stick them on and still keep your Spin-A-Flex spinning!

The Multifunction Fidget Spinner doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth every penny you spend. By simply adding some cubes and buttons to your existing brain toy and combining that with a spinning cube, you’ve got an amazing, lightweight and portable toy that will entertain and challenge you.

This really is a fun toy to have in your child’s hands. And if you’re planning to make it more challenging, you might even want to add a third dimension to it, by removing one of the buttons and spinning the cube and watch the buttons react to your changing environment.