Moon Remote Control Wall Decor Night Light Price: $25.38 (as of 11/07/2020 23:54 PST- Details)

This 3-D lunar landscape shows 12 main phases of the moon.


This realistic moon model hangs on your walls and lights up to reveal different phases of the moon. Recommended for children ages six and older, Moon in My Area lets you encounter the amazing sight of our moon at any moment. Different stage settings allow you to match what the real moon resembles outdoors tonight. View larger. Built-in Lights Showcase that the Moon’s Phases Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room features rows of lights that shine softly behind the detailed lunar surface. The lights are specially arranged to mimic the phases of the moon, moving from a new moon to full moon and all of the phases in between. Teach your child about the solar system whilst watching Moon in My Room series off the moon’s progression from dark to light. Contained with Moon in My Room is an infrared remote that lets you control your moon version from throughout the room. The distant features buttons to turn the lights off or on, trigger each development of the moon’s stages, or place it to cycle through each stage mechanically. Downloadable Moon Tour Each Moon in My Room includes a download code on the instruction sheet. Using this code, you may download an audio tour of the moon out of A perfect learning opportunity, you can observe your Moon in My Room cycle through its stages while listening to an informative tour of the lunar landscape. Auto Shutoff Saves Battery Life This permits you to fall asleep to the soft glow of the moon while conserving battery power to be a certain Moon in my Room can be appreciated for a long time. Our testers found Moon in My Room to be equally detailed and nicely made. The textured, domed surface was very realistic and glowed nicely in a dim room. The included remote seems to be the only method to control the Moon unit, therefore it is imperative not to misplace it. If you do, nevertheless, replacements can be found on the Uncle Milton website.