Monopoly 60th Anniversary Edition Price: $179.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:58 PST- Details)

1995 60th Edition Monopoly from Parker Brothers — Limited Edition
Numbered and dated Serial# 0271/100495


With the Monopoly 60th Anniversary Edition, you can bring fun and excitement to your home. The set is available in a variety of versions such as the classic one with the five boroughs of New York, the First Edition and more. The different versions of the Monopoly set come with different features for you to play the game. The traditional version has a number of houses with different incomes and expenses. The set also has the property of a car that allows you to move around the city.

The new edition comes with a new game board and other cards that come with more value. There are also a few other features that make it more exciting. It comes with a board that is lightweight so that you can easily carry the board and the other set. The board comes with the famous houses of New York and also allows you to move from one house to another. Besides, the new edition comes with the simple rules that allow you to easily play the game and to learn the rules. The rules are so simple that even a child can learn and enjoy the game.

When you place the board in your room, it will be an ideal place to start playing the game. After placing the board, you can move on to the property card and enjoy the games. The property card also allows you to get more money and to earn more of it. You can use the money that you earn to build up your property. To conclude, the new edition Monopoly can be a great idea for you to have fun and excitement when you are tired.