Mini Portable USB Paper Shredder Price: $27.99 (as of 11/07/2020 23:59 PST- Details)

➤【123mm width entry slot】for shredding paper, A6 or folded A4 size.
➤【letter opener with wastebasket】can help you tear the envelope easily.



There are many different models of paper shredders available in the market today, but as we all know that the name is only a matter of a product name and can vary significantly in the same product. Among the most common ones are shredders that you purchase from professional shops. However, it may be possible to shred your own documents with very little effort. When it comes to cutting the paper, there are basically two types of paper shredders.

Shredders have two components, the paper cutter and the paper shredder. It would be wrong to assume that all shredders are alike. Some are fitted with specific features and others do not. You will find certain models are meant for various purposes. A common example is a double sided shredder that has two shredding heads. These are equipped with special features like thermal cutting and can also work on different types of paper. This kind of paper shredder can usually be found in public offices as well as in private homes.

The second type of paper shredder is the one that has a smaller capacity and is the one that has a power cord and is made to withstand harsh shocks and scratches. The one you have in mind to purchase must fit in your needs. Some of the most commonly used types of paper shredders are cordless, corded, electric, and compact. Some are even able to process thousands of pages per hour. They are also available in various sizes to accommodate large and small shredders. You will also have options of available blade lengths, widths, and capacities to choose from.