Melting Clock Price: $27.74 (as of 11/07/2020 23:53 PST- Details)

TRENDY YET PRACTICAL: This amazing design is”cool” enough for all ages yet functional enough for everyday use. The top hangs securely from any horizontal surface. Strong enough to be used as a book-stop.
A DAHLI ENTHUSIAST’S DELIGHT: Any enthusiast will appreciate this”melting clock” reminiscent of Dahli’s renowned painting. What better way to celebrate his own surrealism than using a clock inspired by his job?


TheMelting Clock is inspired by the famous Dali painting”The Persistence of Memory”, the well-known surrealist painting released the picture of the soft buttery pocket watch. The clock was designed to be used on a shelf or hanging on your office desk. Although awkward, it is balanced as a frequent clock and its mechanisms work flawlessly.

A PERFECT GIFT: A great conversation starter, this novelty gift is very good for art enthusiasts and laymen alike, and those who like a fantastic laugh. This classic shelf clock adds personality to any area.
CAREFULLY CRAFTED: The curved surface area creates an illusion of melting time. For a few it will it will inspire profound thought, for other people it’s going to be source of excellent humor. The clock layout is modern and classy.
TECH SPECS: The hanging clock has Roman numerals, two independently adjustable hands, and needs 1 AA battery (not included).