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The Iron Man is a Marvel comic character introduced in the 1940s and developed further during the nineties. This action figure was not exactly a high-profile character with the opposite effect it had on children. Its status was comparable to those action figures like the Ninja Turtles, only in a comic book form. As soon as the series reached the international market, they started a fresh new comic book series that ran through a period of twelve issues in the nineties, writing and telling the story of Tony Stark and his friends, the ‘Tony’s’.

This is the reason that many fans have been waiting for this action figure since it was announced and released. They saw that this toy was part of the Iron Man storyline. This is the biggest Iron Man series currently available in the market. This toy gives you the opportunity to play with an actual character, which is something that we always crave to see in action figures. One can play with the action sequences, play games with the characters, and even customize their figures with numerous accessories.

The reason why this toy was launched was that this action figure is based on a character that belongs to the era of the 1940s. As you know, the beginning of the Iron Man series saw the appearance of the Shocker, a superhero character that was heavily influenced by the mystique of the mafia. So this is a perfect opportunity for kids to play with an authentic character. The only thing that could be better is to have the ability to customize their action figures and play with accessories that are related to the comic. So now, it is your chance to get one!

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Incredible Iron Man figure
Armor suit looks like the one worn by the Iron Man character