Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp Price: $17.99 (as of 12/07/2020 00:04 PST- Details)

If you’re ready to stop getting hand cramps from using magic markers and swipe your way to privacy, security, and protection then you’ll thoroughly enjoy your new confidential stamp by Vantamo. Premium design, quality, practicality, the best identity protection roller stamp yet!

Advanced identity theft protection stamp


Superior quality meets with masterful engineering to deliver one of the best id protection roller stamps ever. Every detail was considered from the premium quality, reinforced plastics, to the tight ADVANCED BLACKOUT stamp weave, to the specialty impenetrable ink – making this ID and address stamp the one to get if you desire to stay secure!

For higher safety use the Vantamo stamp on:

  • Shipping Labels
  • Addresses
  • Junk Mail

We recommend using a shredder for:

  • Credit card & account numbers
  • Social security number

Pick between Classy White or Classy Black.

Swipe, roll and protect with the perfect roller stamp for private and personal information protection.