Giant Meteor 2020 Just End it Already – Bumper Sticker Price: $6.95 (as of 11/07/2020 23:57 PST- Details)

Measures 3″ x 10″
Strong, flexible die-cut car magnet – MADE IN THE USA


The Genius Of A Giant Meteor Crashing Into Earth

A giant meteor crashing into the earth was a brilliant idea for a bumper sticker and it was on a car. These bumper stickers really caught on and soon everyone had one on their car. Not just celebrities but ordinary people started getting them too. It became so popular that almost every politician has his own bumper sticker too. They are now used as well as a political statement.

The most important aspect of bumper stickers is that they should be thought out well before you put it on your car. Some really funny ones were made that actually showed how angry they were on an extreme level. Some even called themselves the devil. Another great use of a bumper sticker is to tell other people about your favorite type of sports. It makes it easier to remember certain sports if they are put on there. But some say that number two is best because it is a common one, but there is a downside with it. The thing about number two is that it is easy to miss when driving.

The type of bumper sticker you will buy will depend on the size of your car and whether you want to use it as a tool for politics or not. When you put a big business symbol on the side of your car then you have become a business owner, and when you use sports as the basis for the design then you are a sports fan. To get more ideas, go online to search for custom bumper stickers.