Funny Party Abusive Balloons Price: $12.90 (as of 11/07/2020 23:53 PST- Details)

FUN – Looking for something special to update the celebration? Any special event you’re really not into moving? Girlfriend or boyfriend are expecting something special? JACKPOT! This jumbo pair of funny abusive balloons is exactly what you’re searching for!

DURABLE – Thick and durable, these will not blow up readily. And why would they when they have such an important job to do? Fill up the void of this lame party you’re going to attend. They’ll be right there with you, trying to make time go by as fast as possible.


COLORFUL – 6 different colors, they’ll steal the show. Who said the birthday party is the main attraction? Everyone knows people come and stay for the balloons, and the cake. But you won’t get a cake with this purchase, just this incredible 6 color jumbo set. Life is not ideal, but our balloons are!

24 PACK – Our exceptional jumbo pack is sufficient to decorate any space, bath, dorms, roof, staircase, refrigerator, class, hall or bedroom. That is it though. Don’t come up with anything new or we’ll have to update this text.

ORIGINAL AND EXCLUSIVE – Wow you’re old, Cool balloon helpless celebration, At least there is food here, Joyful whatever day, At least you are (humorous, smart, cute) anything, nobody cares. You receive all of these layouts with this Kipi Toys exclusive supply. Willing to be the success of this party?