Flower Subscription – 3 Month Plan

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Vibrant single-variety bouquets delivered every month. Each month you’ll receive a new type of flower.
Flowers comes with care instructions, plus BloomsyBox flower feed for long-lasting blooms


The BloomsyBox Flowers of the Month Subscription is the perfect way to find gorgeous bouquets delivered to your door each month with no fuss! Each month, you’ll receive 12-18 stalks of fresh flowers shipped directly from our international sustainable flower farms. Unlike the flowers you’ll find at the local convenient store, our flowers are guaranteed to be ethically sourced and shipped overnight to ensure absolute freshness. Each bouquet arrives with flowers still in their buds and bloom 2-3 days after arrival, so your blooms will last longer than they would if you were to pick them up in a florist or supermarket. Flower varieties contain popular blooms such as roses, hydrangeas, gerberas, orchids, daisies, and so much more! Each bouquet is wrapped in paper and hand-tied for ultimate demonstration and sustainability
Vibrant single-variety bouquets delivered every month. Each month you’ll receive a new sort of flower.
Flowers includes care instructions, plus BloomsyBox flower feed for long-lasting blooms
Flowers typically arrive between the 18th-23rd. Special delivery options are available
All blooms arrive in our glossy white gift box with a free personal message. To ensure longest possible vase life, flowers are shipped as buds and will bloom 2-3 days after delivery
TO INCLUDE A GIFT CARD MESSAGE: Check the box labeled”This is a gift” in your cart or at checkout.

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